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"GypWall® ROBUST is a durable impact resistant partition system that is the superior alternative to traditional brick walls. A high impact resistance internal system that is ideal for homes and high traffic commercial areas where strong and robust walls are required."

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DuraLine MR

DuraLine PLUS is a high impact resistant gypsum board with a high density core that contains glass fibres and fumed silica, which is encased and firmly bonded to strong paper liners


TopLine is a standard gypsum board with ivory face paper that displays a smooth surface.

UEC Fibrous Plasterboard

UEC Fibrous Plasterboard is a non-asbesto board that is made of gypsum plaster reinforced with strands of fiberglass.

GypFrame C-Stud

GypFrame U-Track comprises of zincalume-coated quality galvanised steel sections.

ProTop All Purpose Ready-Mixed Joint Compound

ProTop All Purpose Ready-Mixed Joint Compound is a formulation that is specially developed for ready-to-use convenience.

Rockwool SNS

ROCKWOOL stone wool products are made of basalt, a volcanic stone.

Drywall Screws

Bugle head phillips drywall screws with fine thread.

Paper Tape

Used for plastering of joints and is suitable to be used with paper-lined boards such as gypsum boards.

Corner Bead

Used to reinforce corners/external angles of walls and partitions.

Metal Anchors

The metal cavity fixing anchor is a specially designed fixing solution for thin substrate.

Nylon Anchors

The Nylon anchor is a one-piece, light-duty nylon cavity fastener for fixing into plasterboard.

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