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B-Filler is a durable, high quality formulated preblended dry mortar mix.B-Filler has been developed for superior bonding strength to caulk gaps of B-Styrocon, a Lightweight Sandwich Panel. By adding of the recommended ratio of water and using a mechanical mixer, an easy and ready to use paste is complete.

  • Chaulk large gaps

Technical Information
Packing 25kg/bag
Appearance White
Filler Graded Sand / Lime Stone
Additives Polymer (Water Soluble) to ease workability, water retention and adhesion
Pot Life 60 minutes
Compressive Strength 8 N/mm2 BS EN 1015-11
Tensile Adhesion Strength 1 N/mm2 BS EN 1015-12
Water Retentivity 100% BS 4551:Part 1
Linear Shrinkage (after 28 days) 0.09% ASTM C531
Application Chaulk large gaps

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