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Here at Buildables, we are committed to understanding the science behind the solutions that our products need to fulfil. We invite you to explore our various performance system configurations that make our products great and your projects better.

B-Styrocon Panels

B - Styrocon System
B-Styrocon is a lightweight and durable sandwich panel that is easy to install and is suitable for fire-rated, moist and impact-prone environments.

Drywall Systems and Solutions

Wet Area Systems
James Hardie Wet Area Systems provides wall solutions for wet area applications such as in bathrooms and kitchens.
Gypwall by Gyproc presents established drywall systems in the industry, meeting varied specifications such as fire rating of up to 4 hours, acoustic requirements and for impact-proned environements.
Wall solutions that meet HDB requirements and more.

Ceiling Systems and Solutions

Fire-Rated Ceiling
Fire-Rated Ceiling safeguards your ceiling against fire for up to 2 hours.
Suspension Ceilings
Suspension Ceiling system comprises of suspension components, and main tee and cross tee which have interlocking feature for ease of installation.
Concealed Ceilings
Concealed Ceilings provides a seamless and borderless ceiling visual.

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