The Saint-Gobain Group is the world’s largest building materials company and one of the world’s leading corporations, ranked at 155 in the 2011 Global Fortune 500 list. Established in 1665, the group is organized into four business sectors: Construction Products, Innovative Materials, Building Distribution and Packaging. The acquisition of BPB plc in 2005, the Group’s largest to date, further strengthened Saint-Gobain’s positions in multi-regional businesses, becoming the world’s foremost provider of interior fittings and solutions.

Saint-Gobain employs 190,000 people and operates in 64 countries worldwide. With the market leadership position in each of its core businesses, the Group achieved €42.1 billion sales in 2011.

Saint-Gobain’s ambition is to become “the world leader in the habitat and construction markets, designs, manufacturers and distributes building materials, providing innovative solutions to meet growing demand in emerging countries, for energy efficiency and the environmental protection”. This strategic positioning demands exemplary performance in sustainable development, well beyond regulatory compliance alone. The Saint-Gobain Group takes a highly committed stance on minimizing the environment impact of its processes, protecting the health and safety of its employees, and making proper allowance for labour relations and social issues in all its business dealings.

Saint-Gobain is the owner-operator of 75 underground and open cast gypsum quarries (extracting the gypsum raw material for the production of plasterboards and plasters).

Saint-Gobain Malaysia Sdn Bhd is the largest gypsum board manufacturing plant in Malaysia. Launched in 2006, it serves the growing markets of Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Middle East and New Zealand offering a portfolio of systems to provide specifiers and builders with innovative interior solutions.

Saint-Gobain Malaysia’s state-of-the-art facility in North Port at Port Klang houses a Solutions Centre and a Training Academy. The Solutions Centre showcases Gyproc’s comprehensive range of systems designed for professionals in the building industry. The Training Academy is equipped with a team of trained experts to provide comprehensive value-added technical support services.


James Hardie Industries Ltd is an industrial building materials company headquartered in Ireland, listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, and specialises in fibre cement products. James Hardie manufactures and develops technologies, materials and processes for the production of building materials. For over 20 years, Hardie has also operated a research and development facility devoted solely to fiber-cement technology.
Company operations encompass the United States, Australia and New Zealand. James Hardie Building Products are also now available in Asia, with a manufacturing plant in the Philippines; operations in Europe are headquartered in Amsterdam. In every operating country, the goal is to remain at the forefront of the fiber-cement industry, capitalizing on global leadership in products, manufacturing and technology for both new home construction and remodeling.
Innovation is vital to maintaining pre-eminent position in the fiber-cement industry. Consequently, James Hardie invests heavily in research and development, with a special emphasis on product quality and production efficiency to develop durable and low maintenance siding products, backerboard and pipe.


The ROCKWOOL Group of Companies is the world’s largest producer of stone wool insulation. Founded in 1909 and headquartered in Denmark, today the Group has nearly 9,300 employees and operates in over 40 countries across Europe, North America and Asia.

In December 2010, ROCKWOOL International A/S acquired the Asian insulation businesses of CSR Limited. Through the merger of its wholly owned company Roxul Asia, with the CSR Asian businesses, the new entity of ROCKWOOL Asia are now the largest stone wool manufacturer in Asia.

ROCKWOOL Asia has three stone wool factories located in China, Malaysia and Thailand. Its Asian coverage also includes offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan and Singapore.

The ROCKWOOL® and ROXUL® brands are well recognised and established in Europe and worldwide as providing the highest quality stone wool products. Stone wool insulation from ROCKWOOL Asia uses the ROXUL® brand and offers consistent and lasting performance in fire, thermal and acoustics.

ROCKWOOL in Singapore

ROCKWOOL Building Materials (Singapore) Pte Ltd produces and markets products and systems for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry as well as for building and industrial insulation. Established in 1988, it has since grown into a one-stop-centre providing flexible ducts, related HVAC materials, accessories and insulation products.

Operating in an 80,000 square feet site with factory, warehouse and office; it provides an efficient and cost effective distribution centre to support the needs of the building and construction market in the region.  The high quality stone wool products supplied by ROCKWOOL Singapore are produced by ROCKWOOL’s factories in South East Asia, namely the Malaysian and Thailand plants.

With its decade of presence and trusted name in the industry, ROCKWOOL Singapore continues to work closely with its partners, distributors and contractors in maintaining its quality and commitment to all its customers.