Gyproc® Protop™ All Purpose Ready-Mixed Joint Compound is a premixed all purpose formulation that is specially developed for ready to use convenience. Produced with leading edge technology with high quality and international standards recognition. Tested & approved for use in fire-rated partition systems.


  • Premixed and ready to use right out of the container
  • Easy sanding
  • Excellent workability
  • Crack Resistant
  • Low shrinkage
  • No wastage
  • Pleasantly scented


Universal Usage:

  • Hides screws, nail heads and corner beads
  • Repairs cracks, imperfection or damage to walls
  • Prepares wall surface before final painting or decoration
  • Fills or patches holes
  • Smooths interior walls, provides extra smooth, quick and excellent finishing solution



  • 28kg will cover approximately 55.48sqm.

James Hardie HardieStop is jointing compound for fiber cement sheets.


JL Stopping Compound is a specially formulated, superfine plaster based compound designed for flush jointing of plaster glass lining sheets. It produces a smooth high quality and strength finish when soaked in clean water to form a putty, and applied to joints by metal trowel.

JL Premier Base is a durable, high quality formulated base coat for plastering internal walls and ceilings, precast concrete, lightweight aerated blocks, brickwalls, blockwalls and plastered surfaces. It has excellent bonding strength and is designed to prepare a smooth surface to receive skim coating. It is ready to use with the addition of the recommended ration of water and mixed to a required paste using a mechanical mixer.

JL White Plus is a premier quality, fine finishing skim coat for internal application to walls and ceilings. It is formulated for gypsum, precast, concrete, aerated concrete, brickwalls, blockwalls and plastered surfaces. It provides an extremely fine and smooth surface finish with excellent bonding strength.

JL Cornice Compound is durable, high quality, specially formulated, plaster-based compound that exhibits high bonding strength. It is used to adhere decorative cornices to walls and ceilings, as well as fix plasterboard directly to masonry or concrete walls.