Gypsum Plasterboards


Gyproc DuraLine® Plus is a high impact resistant gypsum board for internal walls and wall linings of buildings where a more durable surface is required.

The gypsum core consists of a higher density mass core with glass fibre and fumed silica, is encased and firmly bonded to strong paper liners. Achieve severe duty rating in a single boarded partition system and satisfies BS 5234 Part 2 for strength and robustness requirements.

It is universally used for walls that require impact resistance and durable surface, such as residential, schools and recreational buildings, hospitals and other institutional buildings, public circulation areas of commercial buildings, hotels and industrial premises.

Gyproc DuraLine® ACTIV Air is a revolutionary plasterboard from Gyproc that uses an innovative technology to actively improve indoor air quality by taking formaldehyde, out of the air and keeping it out. Activ’Air’s technology takes formaldehyde and converts them into safe, inert compounds that, once captured in the board, cannot be released back into the air. It keeps working for up to 75 years, based on tests and analysis, even after multiple renovations. There is a rapidly growing awareness of the importance of indoor air quality and its impact on health and productivity.

Gyproc BaseLine® is a standard gypsum board with ivory face paper universally used for partitions, wall linings, and ceiling systems. It is non-combustible material having superior thermal insulation characteristic. Gyproc  BaseLine®  is smooth and level, giving a beautiful appearance ideal for interior walls and ceilings.

It is suitable for most application where normal fire, structural and acoustic levels are specified.

Gyproc FireLine® comprises of gypsum compound mixed with specially formulated ingredient in the core, encapsulated within pink paper lining. It is designed for use in fire resistance application in critical areas within buildings.

It uses special ingredient in the core to improve the cohesive properties of board at high temperatures.

It is universally used as wall and ceiling systems that require fire resistance performances.

The product range for Gyptone® BIG comprises three standard patterns with rectangular holes, square holes and hexagonal holes. The designs are unique and create a modern and monolithic design to the walls and ceilings. It creates an additional value to the buildings.

Gyptone® BIG is made with 4-tapered edge. With this, it is easy and quick for jointing and helps to save cost and time. It creates a high-end appearance with better finishing and seamless surface walls and ceilings.

The boards have perforations, which together with the acoustic backing tissue give good acoustic properties.

Gyptone® BIG has high durability and strength as the loading point can be up to 3kg per m2. In addition, it gives high flexibility for designers to create high functional ceilings and walls.

Gyproc AquaLine® is a gypsum board with water repellent additives in the core, encased in a special green paper liner. The product is designed to reduce the absorption of moisture from surrounding wet environment and maintained the unique features it possesses.

The gypsum compound and papers are mixed with special substances to increase moisture resistance ability.

It is universally used for wall and ceiling in intermittent moisture areas like bathrooms, toilets and kitchen, and for external sheltered soffits and roof eaves. Gyproc AquaLine®  is especially suitable to receive ceramic tiling and marble where require.

Gyproc Casoprano® ceiling tiles range provides a wide selection of pre-formed surface designs and textures which allow the creation of outstanding art piece structure as decorative yet practical ceiling for commercial use.

An embossed gypsum ceiling tiles pre-coated with high quality paint, and readily to drop between ceiling grids.

Universally used for quick-fix suspended ceiling system. Product is pre-painted in variety of texture to create beautiful yet practical design.

Gyproc TopLine® is a standard gypsum board with ivory face paper, recognized as non-combustible material with good thermal insulation characteristic. Gyproc TopLine® is smooth and level, giving a beautiful appearance ideal for ceiling applications.

It is applicable for curved ceiling installation with a minimum-bending radius of 1.8m