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UEC Calcium Silicate


UEC Calcium Silicate Board is a multifunctional and lightweight non asbesto board with excellent quality Consisting of calcium silicate and other inorganic materials, the board is reinforced with cellulose fiber to maintain structure integrity Using leading edge technology, the boards are manufactured in a high pressure and temperature environment This autoclave process produces durable yet light boards ensuring high workability.

The board also offers high versatility as its smooth surface can be used with wallpaper, tiles, mosaic, emulsion paint and other laminate materials.

  • Commercial
  • Industrial

Technical Information
Density 1000 - 1200 kg/m3
Thickness 6mm, 9mm, 12mm
Dimensions 1220mm x 2440mm
Edge profile Squared, Tapered
Water resistance ASTM C1185
Non-combustible BS 476 Part 4
Thermal Conductivity 0.2 W/mk
Bend Strength (Dry State) 10.5 MPa
Moisture Movement 0.06%
Linear Moisture Movement 0.04%
Green Label SGBC
Application Commercial, Industrial

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